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WDU Composting Technologies

Delivering innovative, energy efficient and cost effective technology for on-site processing of organic waste.

OSCA - On-Site Composting Apparatus

OSCA is an automated, aerobic composting technology developed by WDU Sustainability in Queensland, Australia. Using minimal energy, OSCA processes organic waste streams including food waste (food preparation waste, plate scrapings, bones, seafood, etc.), agricultural waste, compostable packaging, paper and cardboard, manure, and green waste. OSCA can produce a high quality, safe and immediately usable compost within 10 - 14 days.

OSCA is a continuous feed system - waste is loaded in one end and finished compost ejected from the other. OSCA is silent in operation and the specially designed bio-filter makes it odourless. The unit is very easy to use and maintain.


Costa Georgiadis with OSCA

University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD

Installed in mid 2013, the Sunshine Coast University is an exemplar for sustainable waste management. With on-site collection and sorting of waste OSCA processes all organic waste and reduces waste disposal costs.

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On The Avenue, Development uses OSCA

On The Avenue, Development, NT

On the Avenue in Darwin is a residential, commercial and retail precinct with clear sustainability strategies, including on-site waste recycling. OSCA processes the organic waste and the compost is used on-site.

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Wongaburra Research Centre uses OSCA

Wongaburra Kennels, NSW

Wongaburra Kennels in Northern NSW uses OSCA to process all animal waste into a high quality, fine compost, which can be used in spreaders to fertilise crop land.

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World Environment Day, Sunshine Coast

World Environment Day, Sunshine Coast

For the last three World Environment Day Festivals OSCA has been on-site processing the organic waste from the festival. Waste Warriors have help with waste sorting, and stall holders are being educated in appropriate compostable and recyclable packing for the event.

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